Local Homeschool News: September 2016

Local Homeschool News


  • This post will be updated throughout September 2016


Local home educator, Jessica O’Brien, shares field trip ideas and a variety of other happenings and related information (discounts, etc.) that local homeschool families are sure to find interesting via Homeschool Field Trip Ideas by Jessica. Visit Homeschool Field Trip Ideas by Jessica on Facebook and as ‘Field Trip Ideas’ on Twitter here.


Lynchburg Homeschool Field Trip Club, started by local home educator, Bethany Davis, features field trips and playdates geared toward local elementary-aged homeschool students. You can find the Lynchburg Homeschool Field Trip Club Facebook page here and the Lynchburg Elementary Homeschool Field Trips Facebook group here.


LHSAA offers competitive homeschool sports for girls and boys in middle and high school. Join LHSAA’s Email List via their website here and for their latest news regarding registration, open gym, start dates, etc.

  • Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity Teams
  • Boys & Girls Teams
  • Basketball
  • Cross-Country
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Cheerleading
  • Fast Pitch Softball

Looking for another sport? Let LHSAA know as others may be interested as well.


From Lynchburg Homeschool Graduation

We are hoping to have a team in place to host a ceremony for local homeschool students graduating next year as the Class of 2017.

Please contact us if you would be interested in making a local community-wide graduation a reality in the spring of 2017.

Thank you!

Interested families should follow the LHG blog at LynchburgHomeschoolGraduation.com for news and registration information as details become available.


Mary Prentice, local home educator and Liberty University professor, will be offering an ACT Prep Course on Fridays beginning in August 2016 at her home in Lynchburg. Students may sign up for either the entire ACT prep over four months OR take monthly-only prep pertaining to certain sections of the test. There are four monthly themes: English and writing, mathematics, reading, and science. The four month course will end by Thanksgiving. Her SAT Prep Course will also be offered on Fridays from August through November. To learn more visit Mary’s Lynchburg Educational Services website here. For further questions, email Mary here. To register for prep courses visit sign-up page here.


Mary will also be offering the following courses (and possibly others) which will meet weekly for the 2016-17 school year. To learn more visit Mary’s Lynchburg Educational Services website here. For further questions, email Mary here. To register for courses visit sign-up page here.

Common Sense Economics/Intro to Business & Stock Investing

  • Weekly, Thursday or Friday (?), 12:05-1:25p
  • Tuition $25/month, $5 discount if taking both courses
  • Learn Stock Investing via HowTheMarketWorks.com
  • Learn to Write Business Plan
  • Learn Budgeting for Business & Personal

Public Speaking/Rhetoric

  • Weekly, Thursday or Friday (?), 1:35-2:55p
  • Tuition $25/month, $5 discount if taking both courses
  • Become a Great Communicator


Greater Bedford Christian Home Educators will be hosting a 10-week homeschool tennis program beginning August 24, 2016 for homeschool students ages 8 and up on Wednesdays from 9-11a at the Falling Creek Gym, 1257 Country Farm Road, in Bedford. The program is taught by seasoned tennis instructor, David Eckes. The younger children will be instructed the first hour, and the older children will be instructed the second hour. The cost is $100 per student. Email Elizabeth Tolley here for further information.


Alyson Wagner, local home educator, will be offering American Girl history-literature unit study classes for 2016-17 at Heritage Baptist Church. Classes are for girls 7-10 years-old and class size is limited due to nature of course. Tentative class schedule is every other Friday, August 26, 2016 through May 12, 2017. Cost is $5 per class. Email Alyson Wagner here for further information and registration.

Alyson Wagner on Course Info & Background

When my now 20yo daughter first opened Samantha as a Christmas gift when she was 5, we have no idea the impact American Girls would have on our lives. Yes, she loved to play with her girls by the hour, read all the books multiple times and she even saved up to purchase Kirsten at 7 and Felicity at 9. And we gifted her with many dresses and accessories throughout the years. “Her girls”, as we came to call them, defined a treasured season of her childhood for all of us.

Yet, only as I started teaching her American History in 3rd grade using Sonlight’s living books did I catch a glimpse of what role the AGirls had laid in her academically. As we began to study Colonial Williamsburg, and we were reading about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson she looked up at me and smiled, “Mom, they lived when Felicity did! He is Felicity’s President!” I smiled too. From then on history was FUN.

As we moved through the timeline and covered Kaya, Felicity, Josefina and Kirsten that first year, it was evident over and over how much of a historical scope and sequence was already rooted in her mind from reading the AG stories. She had a timeline of mental ‘hooks’ on which to hang the real facts of history right next to the details in the stories about each girl. We went on in 4th grade to study Addy, Samantha, Kit and Molly; all those ‘hooks’ from 1750-1950 formed the matrix of her American history knowledge well past those early years of elementary school.

Now, I am excited to share with you and your girls the same curriculum I started with my girl 13 yrs ago. These books are now out of print, yet contain wonderful unit studies from Pleasant Company before Mattel bought American Girl around 1998. If you are interested please contact me so I can reserve your girl a spot, send you more information about dates, times and cost and answer any questions you may have. This class will involve: Reading & writing, history personalities, dated timelines & geographical maps, arts & crafts, cooking & sewing, and expose the girls to basic research and presentation skills (show & tell). The only significant requirement to enjoy the benefits of the classes is that your daughter be a solid reader and willing to try new things.

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you as you teach your precious little girls!


In addition to the American Girl History/Literature Unit Study classes listed above, Alyson Wagner, local home educator, will also be offering the following courses on for the 2016-17 academic year on bi-weekly Fridays at Heritage Baptist Church for grades 7-12. Email Alyson Wagner here for further information and registration.

Great Books (Cedar Tree Literary Society) 

This year we will read and discuss mostly British authors. We analyze poems, short stories, scripts and novels. We also plan to attend local plays as they relate to our British theme. Titles tentatively include:

  • Peter Pan
  • Les Miserables
  • Pygmalion
  • The Hounds of the Baskerville
  • Jane Eyre
  • Scarlet Pimpernel
  • Importance of Being Ernest
  • The Screwtape Letters
  • Tale of Two Cities  

Speakers of Light (Rhetoric Club)

Two excellent leadership courses from Summit Ministries written by Jeff Myers:

  • Fall Semester: Secrets of World Changers
  • Spring Semester: Secrets of Everyday Leaders


Onward Christian Academya university model homeschool organization, begins their pilot program for 2016-17 on Tuesday, August 30, 2016. The OCA pilot program is for K-5 students and ideally will grow to K-12 in future years. Classes will meet two days per week. Learn more by visiting the Onward Christian School website here and by viewing an OCA online presentation here.


Longtime local homeschool father and independent businessman, John Knaus, will again be offering a homeschool course for the 2016-17 academic year at his family’s home in Lynchburg on Tuesdays from 1-2:30p for 30 weeks starting August 30, 2016. He will be teaching Economics utilizing Economics in a Box curriculum. Learn more and purchase required texts at EconomicsInABox.com. Email John Knaus here for further details and registration.

The EBOX3 Complete curriculum includes:

  1. Common Sense Economics by Gwartney, Stroup, Lee and Ferrarini
  2. Money, Greed, and God by Jay Richards
  3. Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? by Richard Maybury

Course Specifics & Instructor Information

  • Course Requirements: Each student will need their own EBox3 Student Pack and core texts.
    Web Special $49.95
  • Instructor John Knaus: Independent business man, homeschool dad of four amazing kids, husband of one remarkable woman, teacher of government, economics and Virginia History since 2008, Co-Director of City on a Hill Youth Theater.
  • Course specifics: 30 week course, one day a week for 1.5 hours, cost $150.00 plus your texts (please let us know if this is a hardship), place will be our home, day will be determined once our sons CVCC schedule is set but it will likely be an early afternoon.
  • Please contact me via email if you are interested in the course or have any questions.
  • This course is for everyone no matter your personal course in life. Understanding how money works in our government and in our everyday lives is a must. This curriculum is engaging and enjoyable. You won’t regret taking it!


Deanna Rutledge is offering writing and literature courses for middle and high school students beginning in August 2016 at Bedford Presbyterian Church in Bedford. Days and times are flexible and will be decided upon by families registered for each class. Visit DeannaRutledge.com for further information. Email Deanna here or call 808-343-5621 for questions and registration.


Deanna Rutledge also assists her husband, Pastor Bill Rutledge, in offering homeschool students (7 yrs. & up) singing instruction through The Singing School beginning August 30, 2016 at Bedford Presbyterian Church in Bedford. Junior and Senior Choirs meet on Tuesday afternoons from 3:00-4:15 p.m. Tuition is $25 per student or family rate for 3+ students of $25 for first student/$15 additional students. Email Deanna here or call 808-343-5621 for questions and registration.

Would your child(ren), ages 7 and up, enjoy singing in a choir this fall? The Singing School offers an opportunity for children to learn to read from printed sheet music, as well as to sing on pitch, in correct rhythm, with correct diction. Students learn breath control and support, tone production and resonance, musical intonation, voice projection, harmony, ear training and much more. Around Christmas, the choirs sing with the Bedford Presbyterian Church adult choir and orchestra in their annual Abendmusik presentation to the community. We emphasize and encourage the joy of singing.


Lynchburg Homeschool Forensics debate team are holding their Informational Kick-off Days on September 2 & 9, 2016 at Hyland Heights Baptist Church. Families interested in joining LHF should plan to attend these meetings. Parents are encouraged to stay on Kick-off days to fill out registration forms and to ask questions of and get to know the coaches. If you are not able to attend, please make other arrangements for registration via the LHF website Contact page here.

2 Stages of Informational Kick-off Days

  • 1st Stage: September 2, 2016
    Team Policy Debate from 10am-Noon
  • 2nd Stage: September 9, 2016
    Junior Varsity & Varsity Speech from 9am-10am
    Public Forum Debate from 10am-Noon
    *Team Policy will also be meeting from 10am-12:30pm


  • Jr. Speech, Age 5-8
  • Jr. Varsity Speech, Age 9-12
  • Varsity Speech, Age 13-18


  • Public Forum Debate, Age 12-13
  • Team Policy Debate, Age 14-18

*Age on January 1st of Current School Year


The next monthly Homeschool Day at FunQuest Family Entertainment Center will be on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 from 2-8:30p. Special pricing available. Visit FunQuest’s Homeschool page here for dates/times and prices, additional discounts, and special happenings during Homeschool Day.


Ice skating coach, Dawn Harter, leads the homeschool ice skating group that meets at the LaHaye Ice Center for instruction on Wednesdays at 10:30a beginning September 7, 2016. The 5-week sessions cost $65 per skater and include membership with the US Figure Skating Association and participation in the ice show in December. Skate rental is included. All ages welcome. Email Coach Dawn here or call 434-258-8164 for further details.


Lynchburg Home School Athletic Association will be hosting a fall hoedown style vintage ball on Friday, September 9, 2016 from 7-10p at Hyland Heights Baptist Church. Early Bird Tickets are $8 per person/$30 per family of 4+ or, after September 6th, $12 per person/$40 per family of 4+. Further details and ticket sales via online store at LynchburgPatriots.assn.la. Follow Patriots Vintage Ball on Facebook here. Proceeds will go to LHSAA for the advancement of athletic opportunities for homeschooled students in the Lynchburg and surrounding areas.


The New Geneva Education Center is continues to offer classes for the 2016-17 academic year. Art and music classes begin September 9, 2016 in their Harrell Street location in downtown Appomattox. Visit the New Geneva Educational Center here for further details regarding their course offerings.


Rise Up Climbing in Lynchburg will be offering Homeschool Days on the 4th Wednesday of each month from 1-5p (on September 28, 2016 this month). Homeschool Day pricing is $10/climber including gear (normally $15.50) or $15/initial belayer training for parents and students over 14 years-old. Parents and students over 14 years-old will learn to hold rope (known as belaying) for their climber in 30 minutes on the spot. After the initial training the belaying itself is free upon subsequent visits. Rental harness, if needed, is $2. Anyone under 18 years-old will need a waiver filled out by their parent or legal guardian. Call Rise up at 434-845-7625 or visit RiseUpClimbing.com here for Homeschool Days pricing and further information.


Lynchburg Tennis Patrons Association Junior Tennis Program will begin their four-week Fall Homeschool League on Thursday, October 6, 2016 from 11a-12:30p on the courts at Peaks View Park (170 Ivy Creek Lane, Lynchburg). Players will learn basic strokes and serving through games and drill. Scoring, parts of the court, rules, and match play in doubles and singles will be introduced. Email Jen D’Orio, LTPA Director of Programs, here for registration form and further details.

  • Levels: Beginner to Advanced
  • Ages: 6-18, grouped by age &/or ability
  • Registration Fee: $40, includes t-shirt *$5/ea. discount for 3+
  • Registration Ends: October 3, 2016
  • Space is Limited
  • United States Tennis Association Youth Tennis

Lynchburg Tennis Patrons Association (LTPA) has been in Lynchburg for over 50 years. They are an organization dedicated to serving tennis to the community at a low cost so that EVERYONE can play. In 2012 LTPA started a Junior Tennis league and eventually a homeschool league as well.


Lynchburg High-School Homeschoolers is a group on Facebook for Lynchburg area high school homeschool students and parents. You can find Lynchburg High-School Homeschoolers on Facebook here.


Lynchburg, VA Special Needs Homeschooling can be found in Facebook Groups here.

“Lynchburg, VA Special Needs Homeschooling is for those in the Lynchburg and surrounding areas who are currently homeschooling or who are interested in homeschooling their child(ren) with special needs.”


Venues for Buying & Selling Homeschool Resources

  • Visit our Local Events webpage for a continually-updated listing of upcoming local homeschool events
  • Visit our Local Organizations for a listing of local homeschool organizations
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