Local Homeschool News: June 2014

Local Homeschool News

News Nibbles for June

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I’ve received many inquiries via LynchburgHomeschool.com over the years from people seeking fellow Charlotte Mason style home educators in our area and I have always been at a loss for where to direct them as I do not know of any local CM groups, so I recently created a Facebook group as a way to connect like-minded CM home educators in our area. If you’re a seasoned CMer, sometime CMer, or are considering a CM style education for your children we’d love to have you join the conversation. You can find the Charlotte Mason Homeschool (Lynchburg, VA area) Facebook group here. Please SHARE this info with home educating friends. Thanks! ~ Laura Y. for LANICHE


From John and Kristel Knaus, local home educators, who will again be offering a teen Bible study at their home this summer…

It’s summer again and there is no better time than when you have extra time to invest it in studying God’s Word. As many of you know, last year we oversaw a Bible study in our home on Exodus geared toward teens. This year we are going to do a study again but it will be structured differently. There is no book to buy only come with an open heart and mind. John and I are both aware of the stressors that our teens face and how the messages of the world can be confusing. It is our sincere desire to see our teens accept Christianity as their faith and not ours alone. Because of this, we have chosen the idea of studying worldview. Much of our information comes from Answers in Genesis and we will use it as a springboard for conversation. We will often have passages of scripture for them to review during the week so that they can come prepared to discuss what the Word of God has to say regarding living their lives every day.

Last year we started our study in mid-May so we are running a bit late this year. It has been an extremely full school year for us and we needed a little breather, but we are excited to get rolling and to have your kids in our home again! If the idea of this study is new to you, you can check us out in a few ways. We are on Facebook and so are our kids (John, Kristel, Rachel, Ben, Bethany, and Grant Knaus). We both teach at Friday Arts and Fun (Home Front Educators), so you can ask people you might know about us, and our kids attend Under the Son Academy – again, you can ask people about our family. We attend Heritage Baptist Church and have been involved with youth and children’s programs there and we are generally known in the homeschool community since we have been homeschooling forever. This study is for teens (still in school or just graduated) that are mature enough to handle the content – that is up to you, parents. Also, this is for ANY teen that has a desire to learn, so if you know of any that would like to attend just let them know. Last year we had teens from homeschool, private, and public education and the mix was great!

The structure will be a short time of getting to know each other, Bible study with a video and conversation, ending with games and fellowship. The evening is low key with enough structure to have a good time.

Feel free to come as you can. We understand everyone has commitments and may not be able to be there every week. Looking forward to studying with you!

Meeting dates will be June 3, 10, 17, 24, July 1, 8, 15, 22 from 7:00p to 9:00p-ish at 213 Brooklawn Drive, Lynchburg. Contact us via email here or our Facebook links above.

John and Kristel Knaus


LHSAA offers competitive homeschool sports for girls and boys in middle and high school. Join the LHSAA Email List (via their website here) for registration & start dates.


Don’t despair! Lynchburg Online Homeschool Used Curriculum Fair is open year-round. It’s a closed Facebook group for home educators in the Lynchburg area to buy and sell curriculum and educational items all year long. Sellers post photos and details of items, buyers express a desire to purchase, and they work out the details of completing the sale. Members who are searching for an item can post as well. Join Lynchburg Online Homeschool Used Curriculum Fair on Facebook here.

Have other items to sell? Looking for a gently used bike, baby item, tool, or dress? Lynchburg Area Yardsale, VA is a great way to buy and sell practically anything locally, year round. The VarageSale platform was designed and built by a young couple just for buying and selling. Members can access the group via computer or the app on their phone or tablet. Join Lynchburg Area Yardsale, VA on VarageSale.com here.

Both of these groups are managed by one of our local homeschool moms, so please check them out and help spread the word amongst your homeschool circle. Thank you!


Please contact LynchburgHomeschool.com if your organization is holding a used curriculum and book sale this spring. Local sales will be listed on our Local Events page and in our Local Homeschool News. Please complete the online contact form at the bottom of our Local Events webpage here. We are happy to share other local homeschool events too. You can use the same online contact form linked above to submit your events. Thank you for sharing your event info!

Local online venues for buying/selling homeschool and family-related items:


Yard and garage sale season is upon us. Any local homeschool families having sales are welcome to post their information on our LynchburgHomeschool.com Facebook page here. Yard and garage sale shoppers, before you head out, please be sure to check the LynchburgHomeschool.com FB page to see if someone from our homeschool community is having a sale. Happy selling and shopping!


Inspiration, encouragement, refreshment, information, fellowship, hands-on shopping with special convention pricing, and more… The Home Educators Association of Virginia is hosting their 31st Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention, Home Education: Hope and A Future, at the Greater Richmond Convention Center on June 5-7, 2014. Details on this year’s speakers and exhibitors–along with lots of exciting new features are now online. Save the date and check HEAV’s main convention page here to get the latest convention news.


What is Classical ConversationsClassical Conversations is a leader in the home-centered education movement. It is a MISSION: To know God and make Him known. It is a MODEL: Classical Conversations combines the classical model of learning with a Biblical worldview. It is METHOD: Classical Conversations families meet in communities where parents train parents to implement home-centered education well. Classical Conversations now has SIX Lynchburg/Bedford area communities including a new one in the Concord area! Want to learn more? Upcoming informational meeting opportunities: Thursday, June 12, 2014 from 6:30-8:30p at 870 Mount Olivet Church Road, Lynchburg, VA 24504. RSVP to Tracey Grutz via email here. Any additional info meeting in June will be added here. *Classical Conversations is also holding a 3-day Parent Practicum & Student Camps in June 2014 for homeschooling and non-homeschooling families. Scroll down for details on that event.


Classical Conversations is holding a free 3-day parent practicum in Lynchburg from June 18-20, 2014. Student camps being offered as well. This event is for any local homeschool family and those considering homeschool as well. From the CC website, “Come and practice the skills needed to teach your children how to recover the lost tools of learning. Learn to see Him in all you teach. Plan to use your brain and laugh a lot! Our CC facilitators love teaching the fundamentals of learning and turning the difficult into the doable! Morning sessions cover the classical model and a special topic emphasis for that practicum year. Afternoon sessions focus on one of CC’s favorite resources like: Institute for Excellence’s Writing using Structure and Style, Teaching the Classics, Economics in a Box, The Lost Tools of Writing, and others. Student camps require registration and include topics like: writing, language essentials, beginning public speaking, Latin, the grammar of trigonometry, and more… Your students will love learning, while you are learning too!” LEARN MORE about CC’s 3-day practicums and student camps on their practicum website HERE (including an informational video).  REGISTER for the 3-day practicum and student camps on the main CC website HERE.  LOCAL contacts for the various CC communities in the Lynchburg region can be found HERE.


ACA offers classes for homeschoolers in all subjects required for a high school diploma, and all classes are worth a Carnegie unit. For registration information and details about ACA and its academic model, please visit AllianceChristianAcademy.org.  Registering by June 30, 2014 saves $20. Math Essentials is a new class for this fall and precedes Math 7. ME is designed to reinforce foundational math skills. The course teaches proficiency in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and translating word problems into math.  ACA also offers Math 7 and Pre-Algebra, using BJU Press textbooks. Also, due to high demand for the existing High School Grammar/Composition class, HS Grammar 1 is being added this fall.  HS Grammar 1 is intended for 9th and 10th graders and HS Grammar 2 for 11th and 12th graders. Families may also be interested in ACA’s extensive foreign language offerings (Spanish 1, French 1, German 1-3, and Latin 2-3) utilizing LIFEPAC, Great Commission Languages, and Oxford University Press curriculums. ACA offers many other courses including, Comprehensive Art Studio which is designed to accommodate both experienced students and beginners, and has a small class size to allow for individual attention.  With an emphasis on individual creativity, students will create projects in various media, from watercolor and wire sculpture to mosaics and “found art.” Famous artists and illustrators will be introduced and art-related careers discussed. Visit Alliance Christian Academy online here for further course descriptions and information.


Testing season is upon us. While home educators can proctor (conduct & supervise) standardized tests for their children, some prefer to utilize other qualified ‘testers’ to proctor their children’s standardized testing. Visit our listing of local test proctors who offer testing to local homeschool families on our Laws, Testing & Transcripts webpage here. Complete the online contact form at the bottom of the Laws, Testing & Transcripts webpage here if you are someone who offers annual testing to homeschool families.


Valerie Benziner, of Customized Homeschool Documents, also a retired home educator from Roanoke, is currently accepting orders for High School Diploma orders. Valerie has inscribed the diplomas for the Home Educators Association of Virginia ceremony for eight years and does get quite busy, so order early while she is still accepting orders if you are interested. View Valerie’s information flyer here and download diploma order form hereVisit CustomizedHomeschoolDocuments.blogspot.com for full details and other product information.


The Homeschool Connecting Place (Central VA) will again be hosting their popular Homeschooling 101 how-to course on Friday, July 11, 2014 from 9:30-11:30a at Lakewood Baptist Church (Sunburst Road, Evington). This FREE course covers homeschooling laws and basics to get you started on the homeschool journey. Vetran homeschooling moms will also be hosting informal breakout sessions where you can glean advice, answers and information that fits your family’s stage of home education. Sessions include: Special Needs, Preschool Years, Middle & High School Years, Multiple Children, Only Children, and more. For those who do not wish to attend a breakout session, HCP will have a variety of curriculum for your to look at as well as veteran homeschooling moms available to answer additional questions you may have. Childcare is available (ages 1-5). Limited space is available in nursery (first come, first serve). Nursery doors open at 9:15a and there will be a tip jar for the HCP childcare workers. Join the Facebook event, Homeschooling 101 — a Free “How-To” Class, here for details. Also, to make sure your homeschooling questions get answered during the session, HCP is asking attendees to send questions, curiosities, or comments to them ahead of time via email here (names will be kept anonymous).


Jay Ryan of ClassicalAstronomy.com and Signs and Seasons homeschool astronomy curriculum is hosting an astronomy campout for homeschool families from July 17-20, 2014 at Big Meadows in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Join the Facebook event, Virginia 2014: “Consider Thy Heavens” Campout, here for further details.

Have you ever seen a truly dark sky? The sky as God created it to appear, far away from city lights? Then how do you know of the glory it declares? Why not come find out?

Join us for a “Consider Thy Heavens” Campout during 2014. It’s simple… everyone makes their own reservations, brings their own food and gear, and otherwise handles their own arrangements. Enjoy a great weekend of fun and fellowship during the day. After dark, we will host an astronomy constellation tour, from nightfall til whenever, free to all, at no extra charge. Kids of all ages welcome! Experience the LORD’s sky, and learn about the importance and relevance of Classical Astronomy in our daily lives.


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