Spring to Mind

It’s the time of year when we’re wrapping up our semester, looking ahead to the fall -wondering what to do then, seeking advice and information, wanting to do best/better by our children (and husbands), and are due for a much needed break and a dose or two of fresh inspiration.

In honor of the season, an offering of topical posts that spring to mind…

Assessing the Past

Why Do We Quit?

Beyond the Planner: When It All Falls Apart

To End the School Year or Not  *If you’re on Week 16 of a 36-week curriculum this post is for you!

To Test or Not to Test… Is This Really THE Question?

Course Description Emergency!

Grading Without Tests

The Bitterness of Failure…

I Can See the Light at the End of the Tunnel *Recordkeeping encouragement…

Careful Study Finds Homeschool Advantage

Looking Ahead

How to Make Monday Mornings Successful

The Homeschool Planner – A Review

Old Fashioned Homeschooling *Some tasty food-for-thought from a seasoned homeschooler.


The Little Books of American Wisdom Series

Homeschooling Against All Odds *Don’t miss the postscript at the end!

When It Appears Your Husband Won’t Lead

Knowing When to Back Off So Your Husband Can Lead

Home Schooling Teens Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

Making a Homeschool Mission Statement

Expanding the Options for Home Schooled High School Students

Should We Get a Label? *Practical considerations regarding ADHD

9 Homeschool Resolutions for Parents of High School Students

College for Struggling Learners

Just Getting Started?

One Mind to Another… *Regarding decisions & conventions.

Thoughts on Conventions & Curriculums

Be Strong and of Good Courage… Because Conference Season is Here!

How to Choose a Homeschool Conference

Ten Timeless Tips for Tackling a Homeschool Convention

The Benefits of Attending a Homeschool Conference

Living Math – Books and Money

Home Educators Association of Virginia’s 29th Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention


The Homeschooler’s Simple Guide to Choosing Curriculum

Why You Should Use Digital Learning in Your Homeschool

You Spent How Much on That?

Finding Great Books *As in ‘developing your list’ & actually ‘acquiring’ items on it.

Links *General Homeschool Links, Curriculum & Supplies, Kid’s links, by subject-area, etc.

About Your Kids

Facebook and Your Teen

9 Essential Skills Every Child Should Learn

The 10th Essential Skill: Apology

Four Ways to Honor Teens and Teach Them to Honor Others

Modeling Honor in Your Relationship with Your Teen

Integrity: The Parent of Character

Robert’s Blog at GospelParenting.comThis blog is a wonderful parental resource!

Freedom’s Role in Developing Teen Discernment

Help Your Teenage Son Become a Good Man

Tips for the Struggling Young Reader

Give Me a Break

How to Live a Happy Life

Hopping Off the ‘What If’ Bus

Give Yourself (and Your Child) a Break

Eight Ways to De-Stress This Spring

A Growing Mom’s Reading List

How to Let Go of Worry

Who Is “That Girl?”

What’s the Worst Thing That Can Happen?

When Your Homeschool Goes on Survival Mode

Reset & Refresh *Our nugget-filled February post in case you missed it!