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Lynchburg Homeschool

Home Education In & Around Lynchburg, Virginia


Connect local homeschool families to each other… and to groups, organizations, activities, and other resources and information for enhancing their children’s home education.

Founding Mission Statement, June 5, 2006

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The LH DAILY is a daily aggregate of homeschool and family related news, information, and resources from around the web.

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New or Considering Home Education information includes books, articles and excerpts, blog posts, periodicals, and organizations pertaining to home education from a foundational perspective ideal for parents new to or considering home education.

Methods, Styles, Philosophies & More includes audio and video resources, overview of methods and ‘scope and sequences’, and other information pertaining to educational methods, styles, and philosophies.

Homeschool Resources & Curriculum Reviews includes various publications and other resources for gathering perspectives on particular homeschool resources and curriculum and venues for making further inquiries on specific products or books.

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